In the fast-growing invasion of more foreign fashion brands market, Vietnamese fashion brands are being left smaller market tóm tắt. However, Vietnamese fashion brands have been carrying out an overhaul from kiến thiết, production, distribution lớn kinh doanh lớn meet the customers’ dem&.

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Below are some popular local fashion brands which are selected by long-standing existence, nationwide stores và efficient social truyền thông media activities.


1. Cong Tri 

Price: high 

Year of established: 2016

Stores/ Showrooms: 2 (in HCM)

Facebook’s followers: 70.7k

Instagram’s followers: 50.1k

CONG TRI is a subsequent luxury label in Vietnam giới which is established by Nguyen Cong Tri – the most Vietnamese famous fashion designer. The br& boasts clothing with elegance, poise, finesse for women & continues lớn expand its top-notch customer protệp tin, from celebrities to influential social icons in Vietphái nam. World-class stars lượt thích Beyoncé, Rita Ora, Rihanmãng cầu, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, & Jacqueline Fernandez are known lớn be a few names of Cong Tri international clientele. 


2. IVY Moda

Price: Middle

Year of established: 2005

Stores/ Showrooms: 74 (in 41 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 1.1m 

Instagram’s followers: 22.3k

IVY Modomain authority which aims to lớn bring exciting fashion experiences and provide quality products to the customer is considered a pioneer in the Vietnamese fashion market. 

IVY Modomain authority started as a fashion office br&. However, in the past 5 years, IVY Moda has changed to become a Vietnamese fashion brvà that leads the trover for all customers. IVY Moda is also one of the rare Vietnamese brands khổng lồ organize 2 shows every year following the trover of the world and cooperate with international brands such as ELLE, fashion designer Graeme Armour,…

3. Marc Fashion

Price: 2006

Year of established: 2006

Stores/ Showrooms: 23 (in 10 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 491.7k 

Instagram’s followers: 109k

Marc Fashion was initially famous for the shirt sản phẩm line, after more than 10 years, Marc Fashion has become one of the most famous Vietnamese fashion brands by the variety of design styles, meticulous in production và good unique targeting women 22-35.


4. Cocosin 

Price: Middle

Year of established: 2012

Stores/ Showrooms: 9 (HCMC, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Vung Tau, Dong Nai)

Facebook’s followers: 375.8k – https://www.facebook.com/cocosinfashionvn/

Instagram’s followers: 133k – https://www.instagram.com/cocosin.official/

Cocosin is known by offering splendidly trendy clothes for women with affordable price. Thanks to its high applicability, diverse channels for easy accessibility, Coteo Sin gradually won the love of the young & affirmed its position among hundreds of designer brands.

Besides focusing on kiến thiết, material, tailor, Coteo Sin also invests in brvà image through projects with famous fashionistas, models or celebrities. Coteo Sin’s hàng hóa line is also very diverse, from basic clothes such as dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, skirts, accessories such as shoes, belts, bags,… lớn kiến thiết dresses, evening gowns.


5. An Phuoc – Pierre Cardin

Price: Middle

Year of established: 2005

Stores/ Showrooms: 94

Facebook’s followers: 13.3k 

Instagram’s followers: 219 

An Phuoc Company manufactures medium lớn high-class fashion products for Japanese and European markets. This company has established and developed high-over men’s fashion boutique An Phuoc – Pierre Cardin which is confirmed its high quality & gentle style fashion items.

6. Viet Tien

Price: Middle

Year of established: 1975

Stores/ Showrooms: 472 (nationwide)

Facebook’s followers: 270k – https://www.facebook.com/vtecfashion/

Viet Tien has long been known as the brvà of office men. Recently, Viet Tien has made strong strides when expanding the development of sub-brands for casual wear (Viettien Smart Casual) women (T-Up), high-kết thúc office fashion (San Sciaro), kids (Viettien Kids),… và combines with international brands such as Sketcher, … with modern stores scale to target a variety of customers. Using diverse materials is a strength that helps Viet Tien brand become the first choice in the line of shirts. Fabric is not only cốt tông, but also many new materials with advanced features such as bamboo nano Tencel, bamboo cotton, modal cotton spun,…



1. Couple TX

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 2009

Stores/ Showrooms: 52 (in 19 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 549.3k 

Instagram‘s followers: 9.9k

Couple TX is a young fashion brvà that is famous for couple clothes. Couple TX is loved for its good chất lượng, affordable price, và diversification of products, especially applying advanced technologies and environmentally friendly materials. Besides couple clothes, they also have developed to lớn target males, females and kids.

2. Ninomaxx

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 1998

Stores/ Showrooms: 66 (in 29 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 237.2k 

Instagram’s followers: 2k 

Youtube’s subscribers: 14.7k 

Ninomaxx brvà was established with the goal of building the first casual wear brvà for Vietnamese youth through focusing on kiến thiết with dynamic style, personality & lathử nghiệm models. Ninomaxx is selected as one of the popular fashion lines for young people.

3. Blue Exchange và The Blues

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 2001

Stores/ Showrooms: 307 (nationwide)

Facebook’s followers: 44k 

Instagram’s followers: 83 

Initially, Blue-Exchange products were highly usable & dynamic, most of them targeted young and middle-aged people, with sản phẩm lines such as jeans, t-shirts, shirts … So far, Blue- Exchange has diversified its hàng hóa lines khổng lồ meet the needs of customers & launched some hàng hóa lines of good unique in materials & models such as Blue Man, Blue Lady, Miss Blue,…



1. Bitis

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 1982

Stores/ Showrooms: 180 (nationwide)

Facebook’s followers: 534.3k

Instagram’s followers: 69.4k

Biti’s is the only footwear brand to be honored of a national br& in 2018which was selected with criteria khổng lồ ensure product quality reputation.

From a small start-up manufacturing facility, Biti’s has gradually built & created a brvà of shoes that is closely meet the needs và tastes of all consumers, from kids to adults, male và female.

Currently, the slogan “Biti’s – Tender Care of your feet” is the noble mission that Biti’s is aiming for: Humanistic và artistic products – is to lớn create beautiful products, enhance value for customers, and kiến thiết must meet the tastes of consumers while bringing lightness, comfort, & convenience. Based on their mission, in năm nhâm thìn, Biti’s launched a new brand named Biti’s Hunter – sneakers for the young generation with high unique, fashionable style, & affordable reason.

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Biti’s Hunter is a good study case for successful social marketing campaigns by using efficiently the hotthử nghiệm influencers; inspirational videos; exclusive sầu collections of collaborations with Marvel, Pepđắm say,… 

2. Juno

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 2005

Stores/ Showrooms: 95 (in 30 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 1.3m

Instagram’s followers: 26.3k

Juno is a Vietnamese brvà of shoes, bags and accessories for women – identified as “a phenomenon” in the domestic footwear market.

Having been in the field of shoes and bags business for over 10 years, Juno has only been known since 2015, when was invested. Immediately after, Juno increased its presence by expanding its store network, more than 90 stores in 4 years. Being able lớn market over 30 models of shoes and bags per month by applying technology trigs customers visit Juno usually for new items. It’s also a strength lớn promote diverse events each month.

O2O trend with the goal of whether customers buy on the mạng internet or in stores, the shopping experience (including product prices, models, promotions) is homogeneous as one of the factors that bring success lớn Juno.


3. Vimãng cầu Giay

Price: Low – Middle

Year of established: 1990

Stores/ Showrooms: 26 (in 9 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 43.9k 

Instagram’s followers: 17 

Vina Giay is mentioned as a brand of producing và trading shoes with the majority of leather products, designs suitable for all sexes, all ages with many styles. However, this brvà has not changed much while the business trend is more modern, so brand development is underestimated.



1. Elise

Price: Middle – High

Year of established: 2011

Stores/ Showrooms: 118 (in 57 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 1.08m 

Instagram’s followers: 14.3k 

Youtube’s subscribers: 4.87k 

Elise is a fast-growing fashion retail chain targeting women of 20-45 in Vietphái mạnh, is belonged khổng lồ a local women’s apparel company named Elise Fashion which is vertically integrated from kiến thiết và manufacturing khổng lồ sales at its retail locations.

Elise is a brand associated with a series of remarkable events such as Universal Dance, Fashion Star, Miss Vietphái nam, Miss Universe, The Voice Kids … Each of the events has corresponded khổng lồ different hàng hóa lines. Elise is aimed at specific customers with its own special and outstanding features. Elise frequently launches fashion collections that are in line with fashion trends & achieves the “sophistication” of high fashion so it is extremely well received by customers.

Elise chain stores had been acquired by Japanese investor Advantage Partners in 2018.


2. NEM

Price: Middle

Year of established: 2002

Stores/ Showrooms: 86 (in 43 provinces, cities)

Facebook’s followers: 1.2m

NEM is a leading office fashion brvà by the sophisticated & elegant with French design. The fashion line is very diverse for males & females. NEM is well known for its exclusive sầu sponsorship campaigns for MCs, models, celebrities, and promotions in many movies and TV shows. In 2007, Stripe International – Japanese fashion company had acquired NEM.


3. Vascara

Price: Middle 

Year of established: 2007

Stores/ Showrooms: 134 (nationwide)

Facebook’s followers: 1.03m 

Instagram’s followers: 43.7k 

Vascara is a popular fashion br& for shoes, bags, backpacks, wallets, và accessories with high chất lượng, sophisticated & diverse models.

Vascara also develops special designs for brides – Vascara Bridal, a youthful và dynamic hàng hóa line for young people – Vascara Junior, for girls with special foot sizes – Vascara Wide Fit or high-unique leather product – Vascara Leather. Other accessories & belts are also being invested and continually updated with new models.

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In Sep 2019, Vascara was acquired by a Japanese fashion company – Stripe International.

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