Our Favorites: Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 3: Where To Buy, Features And Reviews

Xiaomi Mijia sports shoes products have always been welcomed by the majority of Mijia noodles and even non-Mijia noodle friends with high performance-to-pMijia ratio and good comfort. Unwittingly, cool techs has upgraded again, and Mijia family sports shoes have launched the third generation of products. In the end, what are the cool techs upgrades to this Mijia sneaker 3?

It is said that the first generation of Mijia sneakers was released at the 2017 MijiaNoodle Festival, and the second generation was officially released a year later. An integrated molding process called Uni-Moulding, called “attachment”, has further improved shock absorption stability, support against torsion, appearance and comfort.However, in May and June 2019, the Mijia sneakers 3 did not arrive as promised, and did not unveil the mystery until August, giving people a feeling of stifling their voices. Simply open a box, men have dark black, black red, light gray three colors, I think light gray quite good-looking, chose 42 size on the foot, the size is just right. First of all, open the package, in appearance, many people may think that the shape is better than the previous two generations of Mijiasports shoes, Xiaomi Mijiasports shoes 3 benefited from a new design, the use of 3D molding fish bone locking system,Make the movement more stable at the same time, can effectively protect the foot and ankle joints.

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Breathability and comfort have always been the impression of Mijia sneakers. This time, Mijia sneakers 3 adopted one-piece three-dimensional flying upper, which tightly wrapped the footsteps at the same time, more fitting and more breathable, even if the exercise lasted for a long time.And I don't feel bad.


The design of the sole is also very fastidious. The third generation of this Mijia sneaker uses wear-resistant and non-skid rubber field, good grip and more wear-resistant, the midsole uses FREE FORCE composite midsole, wear-resistant at the same time more able to absorb the vibration brought by the movement.Relieve injury to the knee, release energy, and relieve vibration. The cushioning insole made of PU material was used in the insole, but unfortunately we could not find the grooves used to place the intelligent module under the insole, so Xiao Wang estimated that this Xiaomi Mijia sports shoes3 could not be linked with the Mijia sports APP on the mobile phone for the time being.This may be a small regret.


In terms of safety, this Mijia sneaker 3 takes full account of the use environment of night runners, and adopts reflective design on the heels and laces to make night sports safer.


Pull out the insole of the shoes, you can see that there are no grooves reserved for the placement of intelligent sports modules, so this time the Mijia sneakers 3 can not be linked with the Mijia sports APP for the time being.

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Simulating extreme bending during running or exercise, the third-generation soles of the Mijia sneakers are very flexible and provide enough support for the feet and enough protection while running.


Heel part of the shoe, the use of TPU material of the encircling balance film, can effectively alleviate the landing torque, protect the heel.At the same time, the heel part of the use of high-density foam inside, wrap the heel, reduce the movement of sloshing.


The foot is also very comfortable, and the tongue part of the shoe is specially designed to wrap the ankle, the texture is very soft, can run, will not have wear and tear to the ankle, increase the degree of wrapping and comfort.

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compared with the previous work, Xiaomi Mijia sneakers 3 has added a number of upgrades in the process of manufacturing, such as 6in1 Uni-Moulding integrated molding sole, all rubber band three-dimensional flying upper, double anti-twist TPU balance piece design,Midsole front hand popcorn cloud bomb + rear palm FREE FORCE shock absorber, plus 10 3D fish bone locking system, so that the feet in exercise to get more down-to-earth care, out of 10 points, I am willing to give it 8.5 points.

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