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Shop all ID badge accessories: lanyards, reels, badge holders and customized options. We stand by our quality so every order comes with our 30-day guarantee.

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We, at, have built our reputation on Customer Service, Full and Free Lifetime Support, Great Products and Always Going the Extra Mile for our customers. Ourlanyards- bothblank lanyardsandcustom printed lanyards- ordering and fulfillment process is second to none. Place yourblank lanyardorder today and it will ship tomorrow. Need it to ship today? No problem! As long as yourorder is placed before 6pm EST, we”ll ship it today with no extra shipping fees! We believe our customers shouldn”t have to wait for great products. And here”s what ourlanyardcustomers are saying, “ Given to all new employees, volunteers and interns. Thelanyardslook neat and professional. I”ve never had one returned to me for quality issues.” – Online review from Sherri in Concord, NH.

Why Should I Customize?

The Skinny

Custom ID accessories are an effective and cheap method of local brand advertising and they have been known to increase customer and employee engagement. That’s worth every penny.AdvertisingYour customer facing employees can be a strong source of free impressions. Local brand awareness is a key part of advertising and this is a far more effective method than purchasing ad space due to consumers being able to put a face to the brand.Customer EngagementNaturally, consumers tend to be wary of people they don’t know. Implementing a branded accessory like a lanyard has been known to increase customer confidence and engagement with the brand.Employee SatisfactionArming all employees with branded accessories are an effective way to increase employee satisfaction and job engagement. Though employees perform many different tasks, equipping all employees with the same branded accessory helps show employees they are all working on the same team and toward the same goal.Employee Reminder of Brand StandardsWe hope all employees act according to brand standards but it’s never a bad idea to give them a little reminder that they are representatives of your brand. Custom accessories and clear ID badges are a small reminder to the wearer that they are to treat all customers, and other employees, with respect because they are representing the brand.Fast IdentificationIn terms of your visitor management solutions, having employees in the same branded accessory can also increase security and visitor awareness. Making sure employees and visitors are clearly identified eliminates misunderstandings and provides a better visitor experience.

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