How To Spot Real Vs Fake Gucci Ace Sneakers Are Fake, How To Tell If Your Gucci Ace Sneakers Are Real

INSTAGRAM ANSWER: NUMBER 1 IS FAKE1.SHAPEIf you can see the shape of the fake Gucci sneaker, in the back it’s slightly bent, whereas the authentic is a very regular and beautiful shape. The laces part is another difference you need to focus on. To get the idea better let’s take a look at the pictures and tips below.

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How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers: The Overall Look Method

Let’s start with an overall look.

First of all, the dimensions of the sneakers have to be mentioned. The original one appears to be “bulkier” than the fake one, which appears to be pretty skinny.

The authentic midsole clearly creates a curve which makes the toe cap pointed upwards, instead of flat like shown on the bottom picture.

The midsole itself is thicker on the original model.

Now let’s take a look at the stitching on the leather. First of all, these stitches are made super tightly, while there are spaces between them on the replica, which definitely shows how poor quality it is.

We will be talking about amazing bee detail in the next method.

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers Guide- Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check: How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check: The Bee Method

The bee detail truly gives the sneakers a super luxurious look, but if it is poorly replicated, then this effect also disappears too.

On the authentic model the bee is wider, rounder and curvier. The embroidery is done very evenly and symmetrically. The thread used for it truly has a high quality. The fake bee on the other hand has a weirdly narrow shape which also is asymmetrical. The thread color is mismatched and the quality is radically different from the original. It also is supposed to be thinner.

Apart from the bee, material used behind it also shows some flaws on the replica. First of all, the texture; This cheaply made fabric has shiny details, which is supposed to be matte and the stitches should not be as visible.

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check


Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers: The Gucci Striped Detail Method

Signature Gucci striped detail is also different in these two pictures.

As we already mentioned in the previous method, the little “stitches” on the surface of the fabric are almost invisible on the upper picture.

The overall look of the fabric is matte and not shiny like shown on the replica.

The colors are mismatched too. The original red is much darker as well as green.

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace sneakers

Gucci Ace Legit Check: The Laces Method

The laces on the authentic model are very high-quality; Super white and texture-less.

The fake laces on the other hand are thicker and also textured. Clearly, material used for them is very low quality as the little threads are coming out of the laces.

Gucci Ace Legit Check


Real VS Fake Gucci Ace: The Heel Counter Method

The difference appears in the heel counter too.

First of all, the print. The authentic one has a hive-like print, which has been totally messed up by the replica factories, as instead of the hive print, it has some air bubbles inside of the shiny material, which of course, looks cheap.

Besides that, the stitching has to be mentioned too. The original one has perfectly even stitches, while they are totally all over the place on the fake model.

The bottom part of the red shiny detail is also supposed to be skinnier on the replica.

The font is pretty spot on, but the authentic signature has thinner letters with larger spaces between the letters.

The heel notch is larger on the left picture and very smooth too, while it is smaller and crappy looking on the replica.

Real VS Fake Gucci Ace

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check: The Serial Number Method

Let’s compare fake vs real Gucci Ace sneakers by serial number.

As you can see the code on the authentic model has 12 digits, while the replica only has 7 and numbers are very illegible too. They are supposed to have an “engraved” look which will make it easier for a person to read them. The fake serial number also appears to be thicker in size.

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check

Gucci Ace Legit Check: The Bottom Of Insole Method

First of all, the engraved signature print has to be mentioned. On the authentic model the “GG”‘s are larger and as a result they take up more space too, so there are less signatures put on the authentic model.

As you can see, the replica factories totally missed this detail as these signatures are smaller and larger in quantity. Also we can see the text put between “GUCCI” and the size number, which is not supposed to be there at all.

The engraved lines are supposed to be deeper and put more on the left.

Are you keeping up with our steps? If Gucci Ace legit check seems too complicated for you, do not worry, all you need to do is use our authentication services. Our helpful team is by your side 24/7!

Gucci Ace Legit Check


How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers: The “GG” Print Method

Now let’s compare authentic “GG” print to the higher quality replica.

Unlike the previous picture, the sizing has been done more accurately here, but some details still have been missed.

For example the G’s are supposed to be thinner like shown on the left picture. The rubber material is questionable too, as it has a weird shiny look, which is supposed to be more matte.

Instead of squares connecting the GG’s, they should have put circles too.

How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers

Real VS Fake Gucci Ace: The Insole Method (Type 1)

The difference appears even on the insoles.

First of all, it would be unfair if we did not talk about the print.

You can see how black, with a little bit of faded-out look the print has on the left picture, while the replica insole has a totally washed-out look, which looks super cheap.

The difference also appears in the font too, as the line of the G is supposed to be longer like shown on the authentic model.

The stitching has been done very carelessly too, as it is supposed to be tight and symmetrical.

Real VS Fake Gucci Ace

Gucci Ace Legit Check: The Insole Method (Type 2)

The first thing that comes to the sight while observing this insole is how the signature is not put straightly, as it goes downside on the fake model, when it is supposed to be like shown on the authentic picture.

The icons are put on a sticker and they are not engraved like shown on the replica.

Gucci Ace Legit Check

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers: The Bottom Part Method

Even though the bottom part might not be visible for people while wearing it, by looking at it you can compare real vs fake Gucci Ace.

Iconic Gucci signatures are not so good looking if done badly.

The font clearly has been mismatched, as the letters have pretty same width all over on the replica, when it is supposed to be thinner in some places like shown on the super picture.

The “R” is also supposed to be thinner and not bulky as shown on the fake model.

The spaces between the letters should be smaller too.

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check: The Box Method

The very first thing you see while getting your long-wanted sneakers is the box, which also shows some flaws if you got fake shoes.

The main difference appears in the font. The letters clearly are taller and skinnier on the authentic box, while they have pretty round shape on the replica model.

Gucci Ace Sneakers Legit Check

How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers: The Dust Bag Method

After the box you see this packaging dust bag, which has been copied better than the previous details, but still, there are some things that have to be mentioned.

The stitching: As you can see the tag is fully stitched on the original packaging while the replica clearly shows some space beneath the tag, which again is a mistake, as the replica factories always try to use as less materials as possible.

How To Authenticate Gucci Ace Sneakers

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers: The Tag Method

The tag attached to the dust bag shows some major flaws on the replica model.

First of all, the “Dust bag Made in China” sentence is not even put on the fake tag.

The icons are supposed to be smaller, put on the left side, as the code has to be written right next to it.

The code clearly has been put below the icons, which again is a mistake.

Fake VS Real Gucci Ace Sneakers

What is the best method to inspect Gucci Ace sneakers real VS fake?

Most of the people do not know about the option of going to the official website and asking the customer service to inspect your sneakers.

How do I legit check Gucci Ace sneakers at home?

What we would recommend you to do is to follow this guide step-by-step closely so you can pay attention to each detail. After completing all of the methods you’ll see a major difference between your sneakers and the original one if you bought unauthentic sneakers of course.

How do I spot fake Gucci Ace sneakers?

Looking at the most iconic details like bees will definitely help you as the replica factories can not replicate these exquisite details that well.

Which step is the most important in authenticating Gucci Ace Sneakers?

The serial serial number method can be considered as one of the most effective steps as you can google them and find whether your shoes are authentic or not. But be careful- sometimes even the fake sneakers have legit serial numbers that can be googled so do not forget to use other methods while authenticating your item.


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