Gucci Ace Sneakers Review: Are They Really Worth It? Gucci Bee Collection For Men

Is the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker the It Luxury Sneaker?

One of the hottest brands with one of the most iconic sneakers on the streets. 

Is that Gucci? Gucci this, Gucci that, Gucci has been heard with everything this days. From being dubbed the Millennial fashion brand Gucci has set a new standard for other fashion labels to scamper to keep up with. One of those divisions is footwear, especially with the sneaker trend. Lets’ delve into the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review. 


White sneakers have become the newest staple of everybody’s footwear closet. From wearing leisurely on the streets to pairing it up with a business suit, the variation of white sneakers has continued to multiply. Stan Smiths, Common Projects, Golden Goose, Lanvin have all had their attention with white sneakers. However, the one that you will see non-stop on people’s feet everywhere is the Gucci Ace Bee sneaker. The iconic red and green label with the glittery bee pinned right in the middle.

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Everybody knows the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker and the dozens of variations that have launched within the Gucci Ace line. Being a unisex shoe, the Gucci Ace Bee sneaker has been popular with both genders and for designer-focus customers is a must-have. So, how does the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker fit? Is the sneaker worth the $600 price point? That’s part of the reason you’re reading this Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review right?

First Impressions of the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review

As I’ve mentioned in my past reviews, presentation and packaging of designer footwear is always going to give you some emotional curiosity. Unpacking the footwear is always exciting and the expectation level is determined in a few quick seconds upon seeing the shoes. Gucci is always very elegant about the way they package their footwear. Pristine silky, white dust bags and a small Gucci history pamphlet lay right under the lid. Once you open up the perfectly folded tissue the crisp white sneakers lay right there.


The Gucci Ace Bee Sneakers fill those initial high expectations. The white leather feels like butter and you can really appreciate the craftsmanship within the shoe. That Gucci Bee sticks right out, half the reason why you paid that designer level price. Red and green are speckled throughout the shoe showcasing the iconic Gucci branding. Everything from the packaging to the initial impressions of the shoe scream designer.

Red and Green Make it Gucci 

What would the this sneaker be without representing its true roots, red and green. Of course the green and red stripes would be placed on one of the most noticeable parts of the shoe. The sides. With the bee stitched right up on the middle, red stripe it gives the gold stitching a nice little pop. It speaks Gucci to the world right on the sides. 


One of the most striking parts of the shoe are the differentiating colored heels. Green on the back right heel and red on the back left heel. Both have a texturized reptile base layer and legendary Gucci text spelt out across the top of the heel. I believe this is with most of the Gucci Ace line as well.

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In regards to the texturing throughout the shoe, base sole has a creative, speckled imprint on the back sides. Instead of keeping it the same base coat through the whole bottom of the sole, Gucci mixed it up and added some nice detailing here. If you flip over the shoe, you’ll see the shining knight of Gucci centered right on the bottom. Attention to details folks. 

Gucci left it pretty clean to the front of the shoe and the tongue region, with the heels and sides showcasing style statements. It’s a crisp white and does help balance out the labeling with the rest of the shoe. Appreciate how sparkling clean the white is and see how long you really can keep it that way. If you get a chance to see the shoe in person you’ll really be able to appreciate the softness and quality of the leather.

The Notorious Question. What Size am I in Gucci sneakers? 

As part of the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review this is probably one of the answers you’ve been scanning for. I see this question splattered about on every forum and review site. What size should I buy? How do the Gucci Ace Bee Sneakers fit? Is there a Gucci size chart to follow? 

My answer to that question is that they are BIG. Obviously this is for men’s sizing, but I went down a whole size from what I usually wear. You may have opinions on sizing, but this is what I found to be the best fit with my foot after trying a slew of different sizes. My foot is also slightly wider and these Guccis fit great with wider feet. I believe part of this amazing fit has to do with the toe box design and the tremendous leather the sneakers are constructed with.

I would recommend the size down with the Gucci Ace line. If you can’t fathom them running that big, then try just ordering a half size down only. You’ll later wish you’d went down a whole size as these bad boys will stretch a lot.

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The Gucci Ace Line Continues to Expand

The Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker is not the only silhouette you can pick. The originals of the line are the plain, bee, and snake designs. To go with those designs Gucci has went with an assortment of embroidered designs, color options, and interchangeable patches to rotate out. Variations and colors are unique within the men’s and women’s lines. The line will continue to bring in new patterns as they have with the Gucci Ghost pattern this past season. Why not string out the success with what works?

What is the Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review Recommendation? 

Well, the answer depends on how much of a designer customer you are and if this is the shoe you have had on your wish list. For designer-oriented customers, I would totally recommend it. It’s one of the best luxury sneakers out there and is a versatile design. From a quality and design standpoint, it’s also hard to beat. The Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker has just become of the staples out there within the designer footwear world.

If you’re looking for just a white sneaker to fulfill a spot in the wardrobe you will have a list of options to choose from. However, Gucci is what it is and isn’t going away any time soon. It’ll probably become your go-to-shoe anyways. Hope this Gucci Ace Bee Sneaker Review helped tilt your decision one way or the other! 


Gucci White Bee New Ace Sneakers, $615

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