Our St. Charles, Missouri, facility, zipit.vn IHM, Inc. – doing business as Air Manufacturing Innovation – works with companies worldwide to thiết kế, develop & manufacture custom performance plastic solutions. We leverage next-generation technology, computational kiến thiết & decades of innovative manufacturing experience lớn produce game-changing products across diverse industries – automotive khổng lồ action sports lớn medical.

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We specialize in custom extrusion of polyurethane film and sheet – both aromatic & aliphatic. Our công nghệ results in high-unique outputs including flat-die custom sheet extrusion và twin-sheet thermoforming. We are ISO 9001 Certified and pursue manufacturing excellence by enforcing the highest-standards across unique, safety và service.



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TPU is a versatile material (plastic elastomer) across hardness, lookvà feel. It can be softened khổng lồ a rubber-lượt thích flexibility or hardened for rigid uses, such as protective sầu electronic cases. Color& texture can all be tailored through the production process lớn suit the needs of a wide range of industries & applications. Benefits of TPU include:•Abrasion-resistantHigh durability

Polyurethane (TPU) Details

We specialize in extrusion across a wide range of sizes, thicknessesand product specifications. Extrusion is the process of melting plastic & reforming it into lớn sheets or specific forms. It is idealto lớn createcomplex forms và top-unique surface finishes. Because it allows for custom forms & thicknesses, it is a preferred method for producing conveyor belts, weather stripping, wire insulation, window framesand plastic films & sheeting. Benefits of Extrusion include:

Customizable size and thicknessDurabilityWater resistant

We use single-sheet and twin-sheet thermoforming công nghệ to lớn manufacture custom products that contain hollow or double-walled 3 chiều parts. Twin-sheet thermoforming is achieved by simultaneously forming two sheets và then bringing these two sheets together và sealing them during the thermoforming process. Benefits of Thermoforming include:

High structural integrityCustom forms (internal cavities, internal reinforcements, molded-in forms and features)Custom features (combine different thicknesses or grades of TPU, custom color options)

Capabilities Details

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Our facility is experienced in designing, developing & manufacturing an extensive range of TPU-based products. For more information or lớn discuss a specific end-use application, tương tác our sales team at zipit.vnihm.sales

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