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Even if you’re not a dedicated follower of streetwear, chances are you know Fear Of God. The fact that a label most commonly known for hoodies, jeans and sneakers transcended the streetwear realm is by design. Baked into the very fabric of Fear Of God is founder and designer Jerry Lorenzo’s belief that it’s not just the future of streetwear, but the future of American luxury fashion.

“Fear Of God has always pushed the envelope on what streetwear is and what it can be,” says The RealReal Sneaker & Streetwear Valuation Manager Carlos Santos. “While most designers were printing loud logos on T-shirts, Jerry Lorenzo and his team traveled across the globe hunting for the best fabrics they could find. From the campaigns they produce and the materials they use to the way they sample products, they pour so much care into each product. And it shows.”

Fear Of God launched in February 2013, though it had been in the works for two years before it debuted. “During this time, Lorenzo was working in Los Angeles as a consultant for Kanye West, and members of the surrounding G.O.O.D. Music circle (Big Sean, Don C, Virgil Abloh, etc.) began to wear Lorenzo’s designs,” says Santos. “But Fear Of God really started to gain traction with the third collection. Lorenzo refused to follow a standard fashion calendar and instead opted to drop collections as he saw fit. He designed the buzzy Yeezus Tour merch that became ubiquitous, and Fear Of God really began to stand out as Lorenzo moved beyond screen-printing graphics onto blank T-shirts.”

Fear Of God’s rising reputation as a luxury brand has since led to a number of collaborations — Nike, Vans, Ermenegildo Zegna — and will soon culminate in a long-term partnership with adidas. “With Nike, Lorenzo created an entirely new silhouette that allowed for more balance and stability on the court,” says Santos. “I think his adidas collaboration promises to be even more ground-breaking.” But with so much hype comes the unfortunate reality of counterfeits, and Santos has seen his fair share of them. If you’ve got a coveted Fear Of God Collection jacket or an ultra-rare pair of Nike Fear Of God sneakers, are you sure you’ve got the real deal? Read on as Santos explains how to authenticate your Fear Of God pieces.

Fear of God Collection: Real Is in the Details


Fear Of God Bomber Jacket

Fear Of God’s main line, Collection, has released seven seasons to date, and when it comes to authentication, it’s all about the quality. “Fear Of God Collection pieces will often be made in Italy or in the United States, with materials sourced from countries like Japan,” says Santos.

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“The level of quality can be felt in the weight of the denim and seen in the clean, uniform stitching on each garment. Even the detailing on buttons and zippers can help us authenticate Fear Of God.”

Bomber jackets, hoodies, flannel shirts and jeans abound in Fear Of God’s Fifth Collection. “Fifth Collection pieces, like the bomber jacket seen here, should show the polished touches of a luxury brand. Counterfeit bomber jackets will often have loose letters that are not properly cut, a loose mesh at the interior and Cobrax snaps that are too light or improperly branded. Fifth Collection garments should also feature a brand tag at the neck labelled Fear Of God Fifth Collection 2017. The F should have an elongated leg, the R should have an extended, curved leg, and there should be a small serif visible on the G. This logo remained the same for the first five collections, though the Sixth Collection featured a new, sans serif logo that has continued to the recently released Seventh Collection.”

The interior care tag is the next place to inspect for authenticity. “This care tag should be silky and shiny, with a Fear Of God logo identical to the one featured on the neck tag. The interior tag should also list the size and feature capitalized, evenly centered letters. Stitching should be neat throughout, and the snap closures should have some weight to them, locking tightly in place when fastened.”


Fear Of God 101 Sneakers

Fear Of God sneakers like the 101 and BBall models are incredibly coveted — and regularly counterfeited. “Fear Of God’s most counterfeited items are arguably from their Sixth Collection, which dropped in Fall/Winter 2018,” says Santos. “On pieces like the 101 sneakers, the logo on the heel will again feature particular F’s, R’s and G’s that should match the clothing brand tag logo. The stitching on authentic Fear Of God sneakers should cleanly and consistently follow the lines of the sneakers. Counterfeit Fear Of God sneakers will often feature stitching that’s too thin or messy.”


Fear Of God BBall Sneakers

With the brand’s BBall sneakers, check the heel again for the font, and use all of your senses to sniff out counterfeits. “Authentic Fear Of God BBall sneakers should be made of genuine Italian leather,” notes Santos. “Counterfeit BBall sneakers will often have a pungent glue-like smell to them, and will feature leather that is of lesser quality.”

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