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Update your closet today with ALDO. Shop all the latest designer sneakers in our selection. When it comes to synthetic sneakers, has you covered. Available in a wide range of styles, these pieces are designed to last. Providing an easy way to give your wardrobe an instant update, these pieces can be worn occasion after occasion and will never feel dated. Each piece is crafted with care using materials like synthetic, and every detail is carefully considered. High-quality materials, functionality and considered details are cornerstones of ALDO”s collection. Pared-back and understated, ALDO”s sneakers defy seasonal trends and will stand the test of time.By taking time to care for your synthetic, you’ll ensure your item stays beautiful for years to come. Before cleaning, we recommend always checking the individual care instructions before attempting to clean.Discover our huge selection of the brand’s hi-top sneakers to find your perfect look.

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This Canadian footwear label has a worldwide reach and is most well-known for its luxurious, yet urban sneakers. Established in 1972, Aldo boasts a wide range of leather and canvas sneakers in simple white designs and boldly colored designs. Investing in a pair or two of Aldo”s low-top and high-top sneakers is a way of staying ahead of the game when it comes to accessorizing your casual street style. Read on for our Aldo men’s sneakers buying guide, which will help narrow down the styles and size that work best for you.

This rubber sole round-toe sneaker is a classic style. Its monochrome finish and mesh-toe structure are available in a range of colors. It also comes with a structured arch for extra support. It’s smart but urban, making it perfect for both weekend and everyday wear.

This low top sneaker comes in a range of colors, making your transition from office to outdoors, from business to bar that bit smoother. The round top Rhisien sneaker has a synthetic upper sole and a black or white rubber sole for added durability.

This faux leather high top sneaker has a synthetic upper, textile lining, and a rubber sole. The Kecker has a round toe and gold side zip. It comes in a range of colors to suit every occasion. Its shine and athletic aesthetic are partially what makes this shoe so popular.

Unsure which size to get? Take a look at the Aldo sizing guide below to ensure your men’s Aldo sneakers are the perfect fit. If your feet measure in between sizes, it is usually best to go up a size. It is also worth noting, some styles are not available in half sizes.

For example, if you typically wear a men’s US size 7.5 or a European size 40, you should buy your Aldo sneakers in the brand’s UK size 6.5.

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39 6 7 10.1 25.6cm
40 6.5 7.5 10.1 25.7cm
41 7 8 10.2 25.8cm
42 8 9 10.3 26cm
42.5 8.5 9.5 10.4 26.4cm
43 9 10 10.5 26.8cm
43.5 9.5 10.5 10.7 27.3cm
44 10 11 10.9 27.7cm
45 11 12 11.2 28.5cm
46 12 13 11.4 29cm
47 13 14 11.6 29.4

How To Care For Your Aldo Sneakers

To look after your Aldo men’s sneakers to help ensure they last as long as possible, you can follow these simple steps.

• Invest in some excellent full leather, half leather or gel insoles. These provide extra comfort and support for your feet when they take a pounding on the pavement or the dance floor.

• Protect your sneakers from rain, snow, and salt as soon as you’ve bought them with water-resistant lotion. Be sure to use a product that”s suitable for leather and/or synthetic materials. Using such a product helps to protect the shoe by preventing it from cracking.

• For sneakers made out of synthetic materials, wipe them with a damp cloth and clean the soles regularly to get rid of street dirt. Needless to say, this helps to keep them in good condition. You can also clean your sneakers using a suitable cream or spray designed for the material they”re made out of. A good lotion will moisturize the leather and help prevent it from cracking. Apply it evenly to the surface of the shoe with a soft clean cloth and allow it to dry before buffing the shoe to shine.


Can I recycle my old Aldo sneakers?

Aldo runs a Give Back Box Program in several countries, including the US and the UK. It’s a free way of sending the Aldo shoes and accessories you no longer wear to one of Aldo”s partner charities. Visit Aldo”s website and download the free shipping label. In the US and Canada, participating charities include Goodwill and the Salvation Army.In the UK, participating charities are Oxfam, the Air Ambulance, and Extracare.

What are Aldo sneakers made from?

Aldo men’s sneakers are either made out of synthetic or natural leather. Typically, they comprise a rubber sole and linings created from fabric or leather. Today, Aldo sources around 60% of its products from China and other parts of Asia, but some of their shoes are also made in Italy, Brazil, and Eastern Europe.

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Where does the name Aldo come from?

It’s a boy’s name with Italian origins, and it means “old and wise.” Aldo was founded back in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun. His father was a shoe merchant, and his grandfather, a cobbler. Aldo shoes were named after its founder. The first line of shoes debuted in 1972, with the first Aldo freestanding store opening in Montreal in 1978. The first Aldo US store opened in 1993.

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